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Heart & Vascular

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Lela Glass smiles outdoors

Implantable Device Can Improve Cardiac Function in Heart Failure Patients

An innovative therapy called cardiac contractility modulation can improve symptoms of heart failure for patients like Lela Glass.

Brothers Clifford and Ricky Stackpole

Faster Response Leads to Faster Recovery After Heart Attack

Two brothers learn the importance of seeking help right away if you suspect a heart attack after they both experience one on the same weekend.

woman checks blood pressure at home

How Blood Pressure Treatment Is Different for African Americans

African Americans have higher rates of high blood pressure than other groups, and often need different medications to keep it under control.

Transplant patient Nick Mitchell

Transplant Technology Preserves Donor Hearts to Save More Lives

UH is using new transplant technology to preserve donor hearts outside the body, widening the pool of available hearts for transplant and saving lives.

Infographic: How Blood Pressure Is Different for African Americans

How Blood Pressure Is Different for African Americans

High blood pressure affects more than 55% of African Americans, and may require a different approach to prevention and treatment.

Loving senior couple drinking healthy smoothie in the kitchen at home

Plant-Based Diets Can Boost Mood, Exercise & Sex

Your diet can affect more than just cholesterol, blood sugar and body weight. It may also influence your mood, your athletic performance and your sex life.

Smiling man looking away with male friends in background at exercise class

Is It Safe for People With Heart Disease to Exercise?

Most people know that exercise is important for your health. But for people with heart disease, questions about safety can raise concerns.

Mike Zappitello using an exercise machine

Beware the Elephant

Mike Zappitello knew just where to go for the best cardiac care in Lake County, UH Lake West – and that was even before an elephant landed on his chest.

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