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Travel Medicine

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A man in a hazmat suit holds a chicken

Deadly Bird Flu Strain Doesn’t Spread Easily to Humans

Outbreaks of a deadly strain of bird flu have infected poultry and wild birds across the globe. UH infectious disease specialist Keith Armitage, MD, answers common questions.


How to Treat and Prevent Altitude Sickness

Heading to the mountains this winter to ski or hike? Don’t let a case of altitude sickness ruin your trip, or worse, put you in serious danger.

A young woman suffering from earache

Ear Popping, Pain or Pressure? When to Be Concerned

Painful popping, ear fullness or muffled hearing is often caused by Eustachian tube dysfunction.

Family walks outside blowing noses

Respiratory Viruses on the Rise? Yes, But No Need to Panic

During the pandemic, social distancing and masking made respiratory illnesses almost obsolete. They’re making a comeback, but aren’t usually a serious health threat.

A mosquito feeding on human skin

What to Know About Malaria After Cases Found in U.S.

It’s unusual to catch malaria in the United States, but a few recent cases in Texas and Florida remind us that the mosquito-borne disease can happen here.

Cheerful husband and his anonymous wife walking with their little girl sitting on luggage at the airport

How to Travel Smart: A Checklist to Stay Healthy

With summer travel heating up, some advance planning is the key to having a great vacation. Our experts share their tips.

blood-gorged mosquito on skin

Protect Yourself Against Yellow Fever Before Traveling To Africa or South America

Travelers can protect themselves by getting a yellow fever vaccine and guarding against mosquito bites.

woman getting adhesive bandage after vaccine

Traveling to Ghana: What You Need To Know

Interest has grown in travel to Ghana, a popular tourist destination in West Africa. That means demand for vaccinations and other health services recommended for travel to the region are also on the rise.

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