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Lyme Disease: Why Early Treatment Matters

Taking prompt action after a deer tick bite can help prevent Lyme disease and can greatly reduce the risk of long-term complications.

A person scrolling on a cell phone in the dark

Doomscrolling: Breaking the Habit

Endlessly scrolling through negative content on your cell phone – or doomscrolling – is an unhealthy but common habit, especially among younger adults.

Different sport drinks in bottles

Do You Need Electrolyte Supplements to Stay Hydrated?

Electrolyte powders and tablets for water have become a go-to rehydration source for athletes and non-athletes alike. But do you need to take them every day?

Scientist pipetting sample into tray for DNA testing in laboratory

Lynch Syndrome: Genetic Disorder Raises Risk of Many Cancers

A family history of Lynch syndrome-associated cancers is an important reason to get genetic testing for the disorder.

Young man talking to therapist

Why Mental Health Matters for Men

Men face unique mental health challenges and symptoms, and are less likely to seek help. Improving mental health starts with talking about it.

pregnant woman holds pill bottle

Baby Aspirin: The Key to a Healthier Pregnancy?

Low-dose aspirin may help reduce the risk of developing preeclampsia, a common but potentially dangerous pregnancy complication.

Close up of broccoli florets

8 Healthy Foods That Can Be Risky in Excess

A nutritious diet includes a wide variety of foods, but there are some that should be enjoyed in moderation to avoid harmful side effects.

 A variety of soda cans

Is Diet Soda a Healthy Choice?

For those trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, diet soda might seem like a sensible option. Learn why artificial sweeteners may be more harmful than sugar.

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