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Ear, Nose & Throat

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Woman holding a chewable antacid

Is the Long-Term Use of Antacids Safe?

Many people rely on the occasional use of antacids to control symptoms of heartburn. But is there a downside? How much is too much?

Doctor examines young mans mouth

Oral Cancers on the Rise in Young People

Although most often diagnosed in older adults, oral cancers are becoming increasingly common in younger people. Learn why and how to reduce your risk.

Young man consults with ENT specialist

Ear, Nose & Throat Doctors: Who Treats What?

Ear, nose and throat complaints can range from allergies to hearing loss, balance and swallowing disorders to head and neck cancer. When should you see a specialist?

A young woman suffering from earache

Ear Popping, Pain or Pressure? When to Be Concerned

Painful popping, ear fullness or muffled hearing is often caused by Eustachian tube dysfunction.

man sneezing outdoors

Finding Seasonal Allergy Relief With Immunotherapy

When medication isn’t enough to relieve your seasonal allergy symptoms, immunotherapy in the form of allergy shots can help.

Pediatrician examines a young girls mouth

Tonsil & Adenoid Removal: What Parents Need to Know

Tonsils and adenoids are tiny structures than can cause big problems for some children. Learn why removing one or both might be recommended for your child.

Doctor examining a woman's throat

Difficult or Painful Swallowing? Dysphagia Can Be Treated

When swallowing becomes difficult or impossible, it can lead to serious health consequences. Regardless of the cause, effective treatments are available.

A teenage girl with allergies blowing her nose on a summer day

Why A Mild Winter Means a Worse Allergy Season

A mild winter has contributed to another severe allergy season, as pollen is circulating earlier and there’s more of it in the air.

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