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Urinary & Kidney

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Doctor holds model of bladder

Don't Ignore Your Urinary Symptoms

When urinary symptoms occur, they can affect more than quality of life. It’s important to seek treatment to avoid more serious problems.

Close up of a woman's hand filling a glass of filtered water right from the tap in the kitchen sink at home

Can You Drink Too Much Water?

We often hear about the importance of drinking plenty of water. But did you know that drinking too much water can be bad for your health?

Infographic: What Your Urine Color May Mean

What Does the Color of Your Urine Mean?

The color of your urine can an important health indicator. Use this color chart to assess how hydrated you are.

Female Bladder Illustration

Organ-Sparing Bladder Surgery Lets Cancer Patient Enjoy Life

A bladder reconstruction known as neobladder allows a 44-year-old cancer patient to maintain both sexual function and quality of life.

How Heart Disease Affects the Kidneys

The heart and kidneys share a special, life-sustaining connection, so that what’s good or bad for one is generally good or bad for the other.

Danielle before and after surgery

UH Urology Team Restores Patient’s Quality of Life

After treatment for cervical cancer, Danielle Cooper developed serious complications. Learn how the specialists at UH Urology Institute were able to help.

Mature male hand pouring a glass of water from tap in the kitchen sink

9 Facts About Dehydration That May Surprise You

Do you wake up thirsty? If so, the reason may not be that you’re dehydrated from drinking too little water throughout the day.

Group of men talking

New Research Shows Benefits of PSA Screening

The results of a recent study support the use of PSA screening in preventing advanced-stage prostate cancer and deaths from prostate cancer.

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