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Mental Health

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A person scrolling on a cell phone in the dark

Doomscrolling: Breaking the Habit

Endlessly scrolling through negative content on your cell phone – or doomscrolling – is an unhealthy but common habit, especially among younger adults.

Young man talking to therapist

Why Mental Health Matters for Men

Men face unique mental health challenges and symptoms, and are less likely to seek help. Improving mental health starts with talking about it.

Loving senior couple drinking healthy smoothie in the kitchen at home

Plant-Based Diets Can Boost Mood, Exercise & Sex

Your diet can affect more than just cholesterol, blood sugar and body weight. It may also influence your mood, your athletic performance and your sex life.

teen girl at doctor appointment

Screenings Help Identify Kids at Risk for Suicidal Behavior

With mental health hospitalizations among kids on the rise, it’s important to identify at-risk behaviors early before a crisis situation develops.

Smiling Woman Holds Gummy

How Safe Is Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes?

With the legalization of marijuana in many states, more people are turning to the remedy for its medicinal benefits. But how safe is medicinal marijuana?

A young child using a smart phone while playing video games on a PC

How to Manage Your Kids’ Screen Time and Social Media Use

A reported 95% of teens have access to smartphones and social media. But how much screen time should children be exposed to?


Why Do People Have Intrusive Thoughts?

More common than you might think, intrusive thoughts are unwanted thoughts, images or urges that pop into your head seemingly from out of nowhere.

Infographic: How Being Single Can Affect Your Health

How Being Single Can Affect Your Health

Did you know that being single can bring significant health benefits? Here’s how.

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