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Family Medicine

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Deer tick on skin

Lyme Disease: Why Early Treatment Matters

Taking prompt action after a deer tick bite can help prevent Lyme disease and reduce the risk of long-term complications.

A person scrolling on a cell phone in the dark

Doomscrolling: Breaking the Habit

Endlessly scrolling through negative content on your cell phone – or doomscrolling – is an unhealthy but common habit, especially among younger adults.

woman checks blood pressure at home

How Blood Pressure Treatment Is Different for African Americans

African Americans have higher rates of high blood pressure than other groups, and often need different medications to keep it under control.

Infographic: 5 Tips to Help Improve Spring Allergies

5 Tips to Help Improve Spring Allergies

Millions of people are affected every year by seasonal allergies brought on by pollen in spring. Learn what you can do to guard against exposure to this dust-like substance that causes allergy symptoms.

A person puts a round container in their back jeans pocket.

Nicotine Pouches: What to Know About the Latest Trend

Often marketed to appeal to young adults and downplay side effects like lung cancer, other concerns about the pouches remain.

A tired teenager at home studying with a personal laptop computer

Narcolepsy: A Hidden Cause of Extreme Daytime Sleepiness

If daytime sleepiness is excessive and interferes with daily life, this misunderstood sleep disorder may be the cause.

Microscopic view of Syphilis bacterium

Syphilis Is Making a Big Comeback. What You Should Know.

New cases have increased about 80 percent since 2018, a level not seen in the United States since 1950.

A man in a hazmat suit holds a chicken

Deadly Bird Flu Strain Doesn’t Spread Easily to Humans

Outbreaks of a deadly strain of bird flu have infected poultry and wild birds across the globe. UH infectious disease specialist Keith Armitage, MD, answers common questions.

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