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Daughter is explaining to her mother what happened at school

Addressing Childhood Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health Concerns

Mental health conditions are rising in children and adolescents, but they’re also being addressed earlier with promising outcomes. Whether therapy or medication are involved, hope exists for those who are struggling.

Close-up of a woman eating a vegan burger

Vegan, Vegetarian or Omnivore: Which Diet Is Best for You?

If you’re looking for a lifestyle change, a plant-based diet could be good for you. Does that mean that meat is bad? Like most things, it depends.

A man pours an alcoholic beverage into a glass

Is Any Amount of Alcohol Okay for Your Health?

The health effects of drinking alcohol goes far beyond the liver. Because alcohol gets absorbed quickly and enters the bloodstream, there’s almost no part of the body that isn’t impacted by even moderate consumption.

Debora Bruno, MD smiles with a cancer infusion patient

How Integrative Oncology Helps Manage Cancer Side Effects

During and after cancer treatment, integrative oncology uses complementary therapies to help manage pain and other side effects.

Mature woman relaxing on the sofa looking contented, happy and contemplative

Living Your Best Life After Menopause

Learn how to age gracefully while addressing the physical, emotional, and interpersonal changes of menopause.

Aubrey Shearn, CNP demonstrates UH On Demand Virtual Care

Telemedicine: Convenient and Immediate Access (When Appropriate)

Virtual care is great for when you’re sick and don’t want to leave the house, but it can also be used to manage chronic conditions, refill prescriptions and address urgent care needs.

A collage of food and beverages that are the subject of nutrition myths

How Much Water Do You Really Need? 14 Health Myths Debunked

There’s no shortage of conflicting information about nutrition and health. Do you need 10,000 steps, 8 glasses of water and a hearty breakfast every day? Learn what the science says about popular health advice.

Young depressed male character sitting on the floor and holding their knees, a cartoon scribble above their head

How the Loneliness Epidemic Affects Physical and Mental Health

Nearly half of adults report significant loneliness. With effects on physical and mental health, improving social connections is the best medicine.

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