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Digestive Health

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Gastroenterologist doctor with highlighted illustration of human stomach

Approaches to Weight Regain Following Bariatric Surgery

Learn more about weight regain following bariatric surgery.

Illustration of an obese man's stomach

An Overview of Bariatric Surgery

Learn about surgical and nonsurgical options available at UH to treat obesity.

A mid adult overweight woman working on the laptop at home

Obesity and Heart Health

Learn how obesity effects coronary artery and peripheral vascular disease, heart failure and atrial fibrillation, and how weight loss, especially via bariatric surgery, helps all of these diseases.

3D rendering of an endoscope inside colonoscopy showing colon polyp removal

Preventing and Detecting Colon Cancer

Learn more about how a colonoscopy can stop colon cancer before it develops by finding and removing pre-cancerous polyps.

Senior man goes grocery shopping

Healthy Eating Goal Setting

Learn how to develop long-term health goals that can make a difference.

Woman on scale unhappy with her weight

Is Weight-loss Surgery Right for Me?

Learn the answers to common questions about weight loss surgery options and who is a candidate.

Morbid Obesity - Effects on Health and Introduction to Treatment Options

Morbid Obesity - Effects on Health and Introduction to Treatment Options

Learn descriptions of morbid obesity definitions and criterion for interventions, as well an as introduction to different surgical and non-surgical options available to help them meet their weight loss goals.

How do we treat colon cancer?

How do we treat colon cancer?

Learn how if caught early, colon cancer, is very treatable and beatable.

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