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Primary Care Institute

Providing Continuity of Care for Our Patients

Primary care physicians are the entry point – the front door – for most patients who come to University Hospitals. The UH Primary Care Institute creates an environment that better supports our primary care physicians in providing excellent care and a high-quality patient experience. Its focus is on adult family and internal medicine primary care. It also helps address our goal for advancing physician engagement, especially among our broad and deep network of primary care doctors, and enhances the integration of care within UH. All of this creates greater efficiency, easier access and improved continuity of care for our patients.

The goal is to develop models of care that foster the most positive outcomes and the highest levels of patient satisfaction, as well as operational effectiveness. Physicians benefit from a reduced burden of work that does not involve direct patient care, and better connectivity within UH. The institute gives them a stronger voice to further advance our system through more personalized patient experiences and meaningful support to the physician community.

In terms of both volume and geographic reach, our network of primary care physicians provides a key advantage for UH. Increasing patients’ access to primary care is essential for our system.

George Topalsky, MD

George Topalsky, MD
President, UH Medical Practices