Collaboration Fuels a Continuum of Advanced Technologies Through Radiology Research

The Department of Radiology has a history rich in research, collaboration and innovation. This tradition continues with Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals forming the Case Center for Imaging Research (CCIR), fostering an interdisciplinary team whose experts are focused on the continuous development of new and evolving research in radiology. The faculty participating in CCIR are made up of faculty from radiology (70 percent) as well as several other basic science and engineering departments. Last year alone, the CCIR have brought in over $67 million in research funding.

The University Hospitals Department of Radiology is comprised of nine divisions with research interests that include the development of new imaging tracers, the acquisition of new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sequences, novel methods for PET/MRI and digital PET/CT, Spectral-CT, dual X-ray, and others. UH Department of Radiology is involved in numerous internal studies, industry-sponsored trials, and National Institutes of Health (NIH)-supported grants. The Department of Radiology is committed to upholding the tradition of research excellence. The driving force behind everything we do is simply to provide patients with the best diagnostic and therapeutic medical care possible.

Existing Industry Partnerships

  • Philips Healthcare: Philips Healthcare has been involved with the Department of Radiology for many years. UH is a Top 25 Philips Diagnosis and Treatment Site. UH Radiology is also home to the Philips Global Advanced Imaging Innovation Center. So far, the center has led to more than 120 research and development projects, clinical trials and validation studies, created more than 200 scientific deliverables (papers, abstracts, invited talks, posters, reviews, etc.), and multiple business transfers and ID/patents
  • Siemens Healthcare: UH Cleveland Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University have a collaboration with Siemens Healthineers dating back over 30 years, to develop and translate MRI technology. This strategic partnership has touched multiple areas of MRI, including parallel imaging and MR guided intervention. Most recently, this partnership has led to the ongoing development and translation efforts in MR Fingerprinting, which is a platform technology for building a quantitative underlay to MRI.
  • SECTRA: SECTRA is UH’s supplier for PACS and a VNA solution, and together UH and SECTRA worked on implementing the cloud-based Image Exchange Portal (IEP), which allows provider organizations (through a collaboration agreement) to share digital imaging securely online, eliminating the need for portable CDs and DVDs. This innovation has the most important benefit of unburdening patients and their families from having to keep track of CDs or DVDs, while also driving collaboration, optimizing care and reducing costs.
  • GE Healthcare: GE Healthcare is a manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic and imaging agents and radiopharmaceuticals for medical imaging. GE Healthcare is a leader in developing innovative technological solutions for medical imaging, information technologies, diagnostics, patient monitoring and more. GE Healthcare and UH have been long-standing partners with a goal to integrate diagnostics for more efficient and effective care.

Center Supports Radiology Research

The Department of Radiology is well-positioned to collaborate with clinical research partners to develop and create a collaborative environment and move innovative technologies more quickly into patient care. To support the goal of the advancement of radiological science, the department has created the Radiology Research Office. This office provides comprehensive research imaging services to meet the needs of investigators and sponsors using imaging facilities and equipment located at UH.

To learn more about the Radiology Research Office please email us at

Radiology Research Support Services for the Research Community

The overall mission of the Radiology Research Office is to provide oversight in the responsible use of imaging services in research through leadership, education and guidance to support both novice and experienced clinical investigators in their research endeavors. Our clinical research professionals will assist from start-up to completion of clinical research projects. Our aim is to assist in the development of innovative research and collaborations inside and outside the University Hospitals Department of Radiology which can translate into advanced clinical techniques, training in safe and efficient use of imaging tools, and dissemination of current, accurate and evolving technology. The Department of Radiology welcomes opportunities for collaborative research. We strongly encourage principal investigators and study coordinators to involve radiology at the beginning of the protocol and budget approval process. This helps ensure that the appropriate professional and technical services are available for your study, minimizing any delays in startup.

Furthermore, the offered Radiology Research Review Process helps to ensure the feasibility of requested imaging, better performance of appropriate imaging and accurate billing of study procedures.

The services of the Radiology Research Office are designed to aid clinical researchers and their teams with clinical trial initiation, image acquisition and image data submission. The Radiology Research Office is intended to be used as a resource for the investigator and sponsors. The Radiology Research Office works in close collaboration with the The Case Center for Imaging Research, which provides in addition both preclinical and clinical research opportunities. The Case Center for Imaging Research has a full array of imaging facilities for both preclinical and clinical research and makes these facilities available to the entire Northeast Ohio area via core facilities.

Contact Radiology Research Office

To learn more about the Radiology Research Office please email us at

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