Comprehensive Psychiatric Care for Patients with Significant Medical Illness

Psychiatric disorders are not uncommon in surgical and medical patients. That’s why University Hospitals Department of Psychiatry offers comprehensive psychiatric care for patients with significant medical illness. Recognizing the importance of the mind-body connection, our team of experts collaborates with doctors in a variety of medical, surgical and neurological specialties to treat the whole patient.

Our psychiatric experts are available before surgery to examine patients for a variety of issues, including informed consent and assessment of the patient’s decision-making capacity – this generally occurs when patients refuse diagnostic procedures or surgery.

Anxiety before surgery and health-related phobias, such as fear of anesthesia, needles, sight of blood, and contamination from blood transfusions, are common in surgical patients. We offer psychiatric consultation for these types of patients.

Because anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and personality disorders may surface after surgery, the Department of Psychiatry offers comprehensive psychiatric consultations to address post-surgery issues. Additionally, alcohol abuse, dependence and withdrawal; pain management in opioid-dependent patients; personality disorders; post-operative delirium; and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are common issues addressed by the Psychiatry and Medicine team in hospitalized patients.

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship

UH offers a one-year fellowship for clinicians interested in pursuing in-depth clinical training in psychosomatic medicine. Learn more about the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship.

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