Partnership for Families Gives Couples Experiencing Infertility a Second Chance

The mission of Partnership for Families is to give couples a second chance at having a family.

A failed in-vitro fertilization (IVF) attempt, genetic disease concern, or cancer diagnosis may create barriers that prevent some families from realizing their dream of starting a family.

However, eligible couples do not have to abandon the hope of having children. Through generous community donations, Partnership for Families provides qualifying individuals with grant funding to freeze eggs for the future or to try IVF again.

Providing Much-Needed Funding for Second IVF Attempts

While IVF has made many couples parents, it often takes more than one try before a successful pregnancy occurs. Couples struggling to conceive naturally often save or borrow significant sums of money to undergo IVF. This leaves many couples unable to afford more than one attempt to have a family.

Partnership for Families works to make sure that qualified couples who visit UH Fertility Center are provided with funding for a second chance at the family they desire.

Giving Cancer Patients Hope for a Future Family

A cancer diagnosis impacts many aspects of life and can be difficult to face. For couples who want to start or expand their families, cancer presents unique challenges. Chemotherapy may cause fertility loss and leave couples unable to conceive naturally. Cancer treatment may also burden families financially, leaving them unable to afford fertility preservation options.

Partnership for Families provides funding for cancer patients to have embryos or eggs frozen before they undergo chemotherapy. This procedure gives patients a chance to conceive once they are healthy – a chance they would not otherwise have.

Ensuring Embryos Free of Genetic Anomalies

In parents who carry traits for a genetic condition like cystic fibrosis, testing can be performed to determine whether that condition has been transmitted to the egg or embryo.

Partnership for Families provides funding for these families to have embryos tested with pre-implantation genetic testing. This test is performed to identify genetic defects in embryos created through IVF before transferring them to the uterus, thus decreasing pregnancy terminations and births with genetic abnormalities. Embryos have one or more cells analyzed for the condition in question. One to three embryos (depending mainly on the woman’s age) that are determined to not be affected with the condition in question are transferred to the uterus.

This procedure gives patients a chance to conceive a child that is not affected by genetic abnormalities.

Gratitude from Happy Couples

Partnership for Families creates a mutually beneficial relationship between donors and recipients. The gratitude recipients express for their unique gift fulfills donors and lets them know their donation was worthwhile.

Here is just an example of what grateful recipients are saying:

“We are sincerely grateful for all [Partnership for Families] has done for us. Your gift is allowing us to experience a far greater joy than we would otherwise have experienced in our lives. Our families have also been comforted by the development of the twins. My sister, a twin, passed away in March and my mother, sister and niece have used this pregnancy as a means of coping with her passing…Your gift has done so much more than allow us the opportunity to be parents, it has helped heal a family. It is amazing how many lives you have touched with your generous gift.”

How You Can Make a Difference for a Family

The Partnership for Families Program has become a true partnership in which diverse people who understand and have experienced the pain of infertility have joined together to help couples who have yet to attain their dream of having a family.

If you would like to donate to the Partnership for Families program or would like to see if you qualify to receive assistance, please call the UH Fertility Center at 216-285-5028.

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