Patient Pricing Information

In compliance with state law, UH Cleveland Medical Center is providing this price list containing our charges for room and board, emergency department, operating room, delivery, physical therapy and other procedures. The hospital's charges are the same for all patients, but a patient's responsibility may vary, depending on payment plans negotiated with individual health insurers. Uninsured or underinsured patients should consult with our admitting and billing staff to determine whether they qualify for discounts. These prices are correct as of January 1, 2019.

It’s important to know that the pricing information we provide on our website is a starting point for understanding the costs for your health care. The best method to accurately estimate your financial responsibility for healthcare services is through our Financial Counseling Services. University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center offers service and support through our financial counselors, who can provide a more accurate estimate that will consider your individual care and coverage factors. They can be reached at 216-844-1739, 216-844-3698 or 216-983-0825.

Many factors can affect your final out-of-pocket cost. These include your health insurance coverage and benefit plan specifics, as well as individual aspects of your medical treatment, such as the length of time in surgery or recovery, supplies and medicines, tests, or any unusual special care or unexpected conditions or complications.

Room and Board – Per Day Charges

Type Charge
Adult Intensive care
Neuro/Cardio/Medical/Surgical 6,536.00
Telemetry/ICU Stepdown 2,730.00
Adult Medical / Surgical
Semi-Private Standard 2,246.00
Semi-Private – Adult Epilepsy Unit 5,054.00
Semi-Private – Seidman Cancer Center 5,075.00
Telemetry – Seidman Cancer Center 5,335.00
Hanna House Palliative Care Center 2,252.00
Hanna House Skilled Nursing Center 2,038.00
Psychiatric Unit
Semi-Private 2,194.00
MacDonald Gynecological and Obstetrics
Semi-Private – Standard 2,434.00
Semi-Private – High Risk 3,162.00
Nursery 1,243.00
Rainbow Babies and Children
Semi-Private – Med/Surg/CF 3,474.00
Semi-Private – Oncology 5,080.00
Pediatric Psychiatric Unit 4,098.00
Epilepsy Unit 7,540.00
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 9,292.00
Neonatal Step Down Unit 7,540.00
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 10,046.00
Pediatric ICU Critical Care/Trauma 10,546.00
Pediatric ICU Stepdown/Telemetry 5,782.00

Labor and Delivery Charges

The following list does not include charges for anesthesia, drugs or supplies required for a particular delivery room procedure. Fees for physician services or anesthesia administration are also not reflected and will be billed separately by your physician.

Service Charge
Normal Delivery 2,872.00
Cesarean Section Delivery 6,291.00
Recovery Room per hour 406.00
OB Ultrasound 744.00
Fetal Non Stress Test 554.00
Labor Room per hour 339.00

Emergency Department Charges

Emergency Department charges are based on the level of emergency care provided to our patients. The levels, with level 1 representing basic emergency care, reflect the type of accommodations needed, the personnel resources, the intensity of care and the amount of time needed to provide treatment. The following charges do not include fees for drugs, supplies or additional ancillary procedures that may be required for a particular emergency treatment. They also do not include fees for Emergency Department physicians, who will bill separately for their services.

Complexity Charge
Level 1 308.00
Level 2 505.00
Level 3 967.00
Level 4 1,322.00
Level 5 2,446.00
Critical care 3,648.00
Pediatric Trauma Team full activation 8,539.00
Pediatric Trauma Team partial activation 6,100.00

Operating Room Charges

Operating Room charges are based on the complexity level, with level 6 being the most complex for a particular operation. There is an initial, set-up charge as well as an additional charge for each minute. The following list does not include charges for anesthesia, drugs, or supplies required for the operating room procedure. Fees for professional services of the surgeon and anesthesiologist will be billed by the physician.

Service Base Rate Per Minute Charge
Level 6 4,752.00 136.00
Level 5 4,470.00 122.00
Level 4 3,786.00 106.00
Level 3 2,687.00 100.00
Level 2 2,076.00 82.00
Level 1 1,466.00 68.00

Physical Therapy Charges

The following charges reflect the most common services offered by our Physical Therapy department. Patients may have additional charges, depending on the services performed.

Service Charge
Evaluation 311.00
Therapeutic Exercise each 15 minutes 132.00
Gait training each 15 minutes 120.00
Therapeutic Activities each 15 minutes 130.00
Manual Therapy each 15 minutes 136.00

Occupational Therapy Charges

The following charges reflect the most common services offered by our Occupational Therapy department. Patients may have additional charges, depending on the services performed.

Service Charge
Evaluation 375.00
Exercise each 15 minutes 136.00
Therapuetic activity each 15 minutes 136.00
Self Care/Home Management ADL each 15 minutes 136.00
Manual Therapy each 15 minutes 136.00

Pulmonary Therapy Charges

The following charges reflect the most common services offered by our Pulmonary Therapy department. Patients may have additional charges, depending on the services performed.

Service Charge
Spirometry/Vital Capacity 362.00
Percussive Ventilation 218.00
CPAP Adult 820.00
Aerosol Treatment 191.00
Ventilation Assist Initial Day 1,967.00

Cardiology Charges

The following charges reflect the most common services offered by our Cardiology department. Patients may have additional charges, depending on the services performed.

Service Charge
EKG 289.00
Cardiac Stress Test 1,144.00
Echo Real Time 2,704.00

X-Ray and Radiological Charges

The following charges reflect the hospital's 30 most common x-ray and radiological procedures.

Service Charge
Chest 2 Views 418.00
Chest 1 View 357.00
Digital Mammography Unilat w/CAD 497.00
Digital Breast Tomosyntheses Bilat Screening 80.00
Digital Mammography Bilateral w/CAD 696.00
Ankle Complete Minimum 3 Views 492.00
Abdomen 1 View 285.00
Foot Complete Minimum 3 Views 567.00
Knee 3 Views 416.00
Shoulder Complete Minimum 2 Views 494.00
PET image with concurrent CT skull/mid thigh 6,916.00
Bone Imaging Whole Body 2,334.00
Spinal Puncture Lumbar 1,402.00
Ultrasound Pelvis Non OB Complete 963.00
Ultrasound Abdomen Limited 744.00
Ultrasound Transvaginal 1,174.00
Ultrasound Pregnant Uterus Limited 744.00
Ultrasound Retroperitoneal Complete 1,400.00
Ultrasound Guidance for Needle Placement 1,064.00
Ultrasound Breast(s) Unilateral Limited 676.00
CT Head without contrast 1,756.00
CT Chest with contrast 2,441.00
CT Abdomen & Pelvis without contrast 3,380.00
CT Abdomen & Pelvis with contrast 3,484.00
CT Chest without contrast 2,123.00
CT Cervical Spine without contrast 2,193.00
MRI Brain without contrast 2,907.00
MRI Brain with & without contrast 3,277.00
Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Multiple Studies at Rest and or Exercise 7,112.00
MRA Head without contrast 2,487.00

Laboratory Charges

The following charges reflect the hospital’s 30 most common laboratory procedures.

Service Charge
ABG any combo pH/pCO2/pO2/CO2/HCO3 282.00
ALT SGPT 85.00
APTT 109.00
AST SGOT 72.00
Basic Metabolic Panel 174.00
Bilirubin Direct 68.00
Bilirubin Total 63.00
Culture Bacterial Blood 214.00
Calcium Ionized 130.00
Carbon Monoxide 133.00
Chloride Blood 60.00
Complete CBC Auto w/Auto Diff 138.00
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel 281.00
Glucose Quant Blood 64.00
Hematocrit 60.00
Hepatic Function Panel 201.00
Lactate Acid 110.00
LD LDH 76.00
Magnesium 98.00
Phosphate Alkaline AP 67.00
POC Glucose 33.00
Potassium Serum 84.00
Prothrombin Time 109.00
Renal Function Panel 267.00
Sodium Serum 79.00
Thyroid TSH 194.00
Troponin Quant 190.00

Surgical Pathology

Service Charge
Stains Group II 174.00
Level III Surgical Pathology 475.00
Level IV Surgical Pathology 586.00
Level V Surgical Pathology 815.00
Immunohistochemistry Ea AB Tissue/Slide 440.00

Hospital Billing Policies

If you received services at UH Cleveland Medical Center, your hospital charges are managed through the Central Business Office of University Hospitals.

Shortly after receiving services, you will receive your Personal Account Statement. The statement is generated and mailed to you at the same time your charges are submitted to your insurance carrier. You are ultimately responsible for your account balance; therefore it is important that you carefully review your Personal Account Statement. The Hospital does not charge interest on balances due from you.

In addition to your hospital bill, you may receive separate bills from your physician or other professional service providers involved in your hospital care. If you have a question regarding your Hospital Based Physician Bill or would like to make payment, we ask that you contact them directly. Please refer to the Hospital Based Physician Information on this web site.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Price Transparency Initiative

View our published schedule of charges by hospitals in our health system.

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