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Physician Ratings A Double Edged Sword Creates the New Normal

UH Clinical Update - July 2016 By Cliff Megerian, MD, President, University Hospitals Physician Services This is the time of year when the attention of health care providers is drawn to rankings -- most notably those issued by U.S. News & World...

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Put the Whole UH Team to Work for Our Patients

Coordinated care is more convenient care – and, more importantly, leads to better health outcomes UH Clinical Update - November 2018 By Cliff Megerian, MD, President, UH Physician Network It’s good medicine, it’s good for our patients and it’s...

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Can a Swallowable Capsule Revolutionize Screening for Esophageal Cancer

 UH Clinical Update - October 2018 Although the rate of many common cancers has declined, the incidence of esophageal adenocarcinoma has increased greater than six-fold over the past three decades. Furthermore, the outcome of this cancer remains...

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Two New Specialists Staffing Up West Side Urology 'Hub' at UH St. John Medical Center

Robotic surgery and minimally invasive UroLift procedure for BPH among services offered UH Clinical Update - October 2018 There’s no substitute for receiving medical care close to home. “From the patient’s perspective, in terms of having people...

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Supportive Oncodermatology at University Hospitals

New specialist manages skin, hair, nail conditions resulting from cancer treatment :: UH Clinical Update - September 2018

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Discovering and Treating Tumors at the Heart of the Read Family

A survival story of how rare cardiac myxomas afflicted a mother and five of her seven children with multiple recurrences, in different sites, over 42+ years. In 1976, 52-year-old Louise Read came to cardiologist Michel Farah, MD for treatment for...

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