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A New Physical Therapy Practice Joins UH at University Suburban Health Center

Site offers comprehensive services in a convenient location - UH Clinical Update - Januayr 2019

The UH Approach to High-Value Care

Point-of-service scheduling, remediating gaps in care will be our focus in 2019 - UH Clinical Update 2019

Brian Putka, MD

New UH Gastroenterologist Serves Patients on Cleveland’s West Side

Uniquely qualified to treat the growing number of patients with liver disease - UH Clinical Update - January 2018

Creating a New UH Model for Improving Value in Health Care

UH Clinical Update - December 2018 By Cliff Megerian, MD, President, UH Physician Network and System Institutes,   and Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer The world “value” is used so often in business that it verges on...

New UH Surgeon Offers Valuable Expertise in Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Guiding anxious patients through complex procedures key to his approach UH Clinical Update - December 2018    Ryan Juza, MD Abdominal wall reconstruction is a complex surgery to correct abdominal weaknesses often caused by recurrent hernias. Its...

New Thoracic and Esophageal Surgeon Offers Minimally Invasive Procedures for West Side Patients

Options for GERD, lung and esophageal cancer Clinical Update - December 2018

Put the Whole UH Team to Work for Our Patients

Coordinated care is more convenient care – and, more importantly, leads to better health outcomes UH Clinical Update - November 2018 By Cliff Megerian, MD, President, UH Physician Network It’s good medicine, it’s good for our patients and it’s...

Can a Swallowable Capsule Revolutionize Screening for Esophageal Cancer

 UH Clinical Update - October 2018 Although the rate of many common cancers has declined, the incidence of esophageal adenocarcinoma has increased greater than six-fold over the past three decades. Furthermore, the outcome of this cancer remains...

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