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UH Brand Ranked #25 in the World

UH Cleveland Medical Center Among Most Reputable Academic Medical Centers

A leading brand valuation consultancy, Brand Finance, recently completed a global assessment of the most reputable Academic Medical Centers (AMCs). This study placed University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center as #25 in the world and #10 in the U.S for AMCs associated with a comprehensive health system. The study surveyed more than 2,500 healthcare professionals and evaluated more than 30 metrics for over 500 AMCs in over 40 countries.

The report stated, “Building a strong brand is a unique challenge for Academic Medical Centres, because the structure of an AMC – offering patient treatment, medical research, and education – means that a wide range of stakeholders need to be considered.” The report also explained that “a strong brand is essential to developing a sustainable and successful organization through assuring patients and families; attracting exceptional doctors, top students’ applications, and prominent research staff; enabling proud employees, and preferable research publication; garnering support from donors and respect from regulators, governments, and insurers; and to developing a strong network of partners around the world.”

Impressively, in terms of familiarity among doctors, UH Cleveland Medical Center ranked among the Top 10 globally, and was only eclipsed by Stanford and tied with Johns Hopkins.

Notably, the report indicated the top five drivers of overall reputation include: leading against disease in its specialties; adopting the latest medical treatments and technologies; rapidly translating research into treatments; is a well-run organization; and contributes new research to the medical community.

Congratulations to all our caregivers, board members and philanthropic community members who have made this stellar recognition possible. While we pride ourselves on being the hometown team for our Northeast Ohio community, our clinical research and medical innovation is far-reaching and making an impact across the globe.