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Hourglass and calendar depicting time slipping away

Why You’re Always Saying: I’ll Get to It Tomorrow

Procrastination can actually have an effect on your health. What you can do.

Female office worker under stress

Why Workplace Stress Can Work Against Your Employees' Productivity

Long-term stress can affect your employees' well-being and your bottom line. Learn how you can help your employees manage stress.

Chronic Inflammation: America's Deadliest Disease

Chronic Inflammation: America’s Deadliest Disease

Inflammation is one of your body's most important defenses against infection and injury. But prolonged inflammation can lead to health problems.

Smiling man in bed

How You Can Wake Up Happy Every Day

It’s true, optimistic people live longer. Studies going back decades show that mood and longevity go hand in hand. Getting restful sleep can play a role in keeping your mood sunny.

Woman comforting mother

How You Can Recover from the Loss of a Loved One

One sad truth about life is the inevitability of losing the people you love. Learn the factors that can affect the intensity of your grief and signs that you may need professional help.

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