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The Link Between Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Heart Attacks

A recent study led by University Hospitals researchers suggests a strong link between gut health and heart health.

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Know Your Risk of Heart Attack In 10 Minutes or Less

Are you a heart attack waiting to happen? A simple X-ray procedure called calcium scoring can give you a good idea of your heart attack risk.

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Young Women Can Have Heart Disease Too

Young women aren't usually associated with heart disease. But each year, 35,000 women under age 50 have a heart attack. Know the warning signs of heart disease.

Keep Your Ticker Healthy

7 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy as You Get Older

Even though heart disease risks increase with age, heart trouble doesn't have to be an inevitable part of getting older.

Cholesterol: The Real Truth

Cholesterol: The Real Truth

Many people don't completely understand cholesterol and what they can do to lower the bad cholesterol, called LDL cholesterol, to guard against heart attack or stroke. Find out the facts.

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Want a Healthy Heart? Have More Sex

Do you want a healthy heart? Make more love. A healthy sexual relationship can benefit your heart health in a variety of ways. Learn more about sex and your heart health.

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Is It Heartburn or a Heart Attack? How to Tell

Is that burning sensation in your chest simply heartburn, GERD or the sign of something much worse -- like a heart attack? Learn when to seek medical help.

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