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Infographic: 9 Tips to Keep Kids Germ-Free at School

9 Tips to Keep Your Kids Germ-Free at School

Some things spread like wildfire in a school – including the latest germs. Share these tips with your kids to keep them as healthy as possible.

Infant peering over edge of baby walker

Why Baby Walkers Can Put Your Child in Danger

A new study that looks at baby walker-related injuries has prompted U.S. pediatricians to renew a call for a ban on the devices. Baby walkers were banned in Canada in 2004.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy: How to Recognize It and How to Treat It

Poison ivy is a common weed that grows almost everywhere in the continental United States. Learn how to recognize and avoid poison ivy and, if you are exposed to it, learn how to minimize the reaction and treat the itchy rash it can cause.

Young boy sitting on sofa at home using tablet computer whilst watching television

When Is It Time to Leave Your Child at Home Alone?

Thinking about letting your child stay home alone? Make sure he or she is ready for the responsibility.

Young family in a car on a road trip smiling

How to Talk to Your Child About School-Related Safety

Make sure your kids brush up on safety rules as they dust off their text books to go back to school.

Bees and their Stingers

How to Avoid Bee Stings, What to Do If You're Stung

Bee stings are a common concern for children and adults alike. For some, the venom can lead to an allergic reaction that can range from mild to life-threatening. Learn how to avoid getting stung and what to do if you are.


Food Allergy Bullying: A Growing Problem

Food allergies are everywhere, and that’s led to a side effect for children that is more surprising than rashes or throat swelling: food bullying.

Woman holding cotton swabs

Why Using Cotton Swabs to Clean Ears Can Result in Ear Injuries

Most ear wax is normal and necessary for healthy ears. What to do if your child is having symptoms due to too much ear wax.

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